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Royal Eastbourne Golf Club - Hambro Bowl

Hambro Bowl


1894 S R T Graham Murray 1939-1947 War
  A Rev. H Von E Scott 1948 J M D Gray
1895 S A G Paterson 1949 L A Green
  A O C Bevan 1950 Lt. Col. W P L Lawson
1896 S J Pitcairn Bookless M.D. 1951 J A Barham
  A Col. J Fitz-Gerald 1952 F R Hawkes
1897 S J C Miller 1953 P E H Stanbridge
  A Capt. T F S Winford 1954 J M Hughes
1898 S C H Evill 1955 T M D Robertshaw
  A G H Peacock 1956 Not played for
1899 S Col. E W Shaw 1957 D E Wingfield
  A Algernon Smith 1958  
1900 S A F Hirtzel 1959  
  A F R Morris 1960  
1901 S H G S Hughes 1961  
  A F W Bush 1962  
1902 S J C Robinson 1963  
  A A W Trask 1964  
1903 S E Spencer 1965  
  A Algernon Smith 1966  
1904 S W Trask 1967  
  A C W Limouzin 1968  
1905 S E Matheson 1969  
  A A Giles 1970  
1906 S G R Hunt 1971  
  A B Clarke-Lens 1972  
1907 S Col. J P Onslow 1973 John R Beland
  A R G Gradner 1974 G H Price
1908 S W E Gardnor Beard 1975 Robin B Harrison
  A T W Hanmer 1976 G Walsh
1909 S R Acheson Gray 1977 John R Keeping
  A R L McGarry 1978 John R Beland
1910 S T P C Piggott 1979 S Pritchard
  A T E C Hussey 1980 R J Mitchell
1911 S J Hall Hedley 1981 Frank O Horner
  A not played for 1982 John R Beland
1912 S Ernest Smith 1983 M Abbott
  A not played for 1984 S G Gabbitas
1913 S J S Carter 1985 John R Beland
  A R Colgate 1986 A B Paterson
1914 S H H H Hodgkins 1987 John R Beland
1915-1918   War 1988 T E Schofield
1919 S T E C Hussey 1989 David J Simmons
  A Ernest Smith 1990 Kevin R Chamberlen
1920 S W P Walsh 1991 D A Kidd
  A* A Smith 1992 Kevin R Chamberlen
1921 S* H S Malik 1993 Kevin R Chamberlen
  A L C V Wilkes 1994 Mike L P Williams
1922 S G H Peacock 1995 Steve B Clarke
  A O W Heald 1996 Peter Ayling
1923 S not played for 1997 Andrew Edwards
  A Capt. McDonald 1998 Peter C Bibby
1924 S J C V Wilkes 1999 Colin E Ayling
  A Capt. C F Battye 2000 Colin E Ayling
1925 S J C V Wilkes 2001 James Harper
  A F H Knott 2002 Guy P Stewart
1926 S Col. F G Crompton 2003 Guy P Stewart
  A R P M Baker 2004 Alan R Middleton
1927 S R P Falcon Cooke 2005 D Hamilton
  A G K Alexander 2006 Toby J Anderson
1928   G H Peacock 2007 Ken E Wright
1929   Ernest Smith 2008 Mike Wooller
1930 S A Dunbar 2009 Steve B Clarke
  A J Balfour 2010  Alex Piper 
1931 S E F Dawson    
  A Ernest Smith    
1932 S Cdmr. C C Swift    
  A Cdmr. C C Swift    
1933 S E F Dawson    
  A W L W Bird    
1934 S C S Hudson    
  A R G Parkes    
1935 S E F Dawson    
  A T P Murray Lees    
1936 S Col. F G Crompton    
  A T P Murray Lees    
1937 S Col. F G Crompton    
  A J R I Doyle    
1938 S J B Ould    
  A A F W Gourlay    
1939 S F G Meakin